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Solder, 3D printer, band saw, lots of odds and ends but nothing substantial.

Some very casual meetups...sometimes recorded live on videofeed...other times not (for confidentiality).

An example of upcoming meetups:

  • Monday--lecture on bitcoin
  • Tuesday--discussion group (wide range of topics i.e. science, technology, policy, philosophy). Most recent was gaming; next week is AI.
  • Wednesday--open house/3D printing

Other occasional workshops, very informal. Some ongoing projects...GreenTowers used the space.

They used to be partnered with InnoBlue but they decided to move back to campus---so I think that 'divorce' is in part responsible for the organizational vacuum.

Designed as a 'community space' but no (or at least very limited) incentive for the community to ever come to the space simultaneously... setup more like a subscription-based workshop than a community space.

Ultimately, a lot of potential waiting to be tapped... good platform to test a more flat organizational dynamic.